Sunday, January 5, 2014

Why Are Things Going So Wrong For David Moyes' Manchester United?

 Wilfried Bony scores winner for Swansea

We all knew it would be a tough, transitional period for whoever replaced Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester United manager once he retired, but not many envisioned the drastic drop in form we're witnessing. David Moyes had relative success during his reign as Everton manager, and given time, Manchester United and Sir Alex himself both believed he would be the man to carry the club forward for years to come. It is still incredibly early in his career, but the pressure is mounting as his team find themselves in the headlines for all the wrong reasons week after week.

What's Gone Wrong?

A little bit of everything. Manchester United used to be almost unbeatable at Old Trafford, however, they have already lost five times at home, a little over half way through the 13-14 season. They don't know their best starting eleven, and David Moyes keeps experimenting with it every game, which seems to cause more confusion. There are a lot of average players that were able to perform under Sir Alex Ferguson, but now they're being found out under a lesser manager.

Manchester United find themselves well adrift of the Premier League's top spot, so the cup competitions should have been their main focus. However, Swansea City beat them 2-1, to knock them out of the FA Cup third round. During Sir Alex's 26-year stint as manager, he was only knocked out at this stage once, to Leeds United in 2010.

Manchester United are in the knockout stages of the Champions League, and they're also still in with a chance of winning the Capital One Cup, but is that enough? United aim to win every competition, but this year seems likely to be an empty handed one for the Red Devils. Why are they struggling so badly, you ask? Firstly, a lack of any real quality signing will always hurt even the best of teams, which is something United will have realised after this seasons end.

United have two world class players in Robin Van Persie and Wayne Rooney, and the duo are enough to turn any average team in to a great one, but what use are they when they are always hurt. Under Sir Alex the pair seemed to be fit for each and every game, and whether it's luck or a lack of effort, the pair have missed several games between themselves this season. Both are currently out injured at the moment, and although Danny Welbeck and Javier Hernandez are good forwards, neither are on the level of the starting front two.

United are in dire form and they're suffering from lengthy injuries and stupid suspensions, but there is still a good team somewhere within this squad. Maybe it's a change of tactics, new players needed or eventually a new manager, but Manchester United Football Club should not be the struggling team they've become.

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