Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Is Gareth Bale in the same class as Messi and Ronaldo?

Gareth Bale is taking the Premier League by storm this season. He is a top contender for the "player of the year" award and he is the name being discussed by every football fan. It is safe to say Gareth Bale has placed himself in to the 'elite' player status across the world.

Gareth Bale started as a left-back for Southampton and was linked with many of the top-flight teams at that moment in time. However he soon joined Tottenham in a fee believed to be around £10m. The Welsh international has always been considered a great player, but at this moment in time he is cementing his reputation as one of the best players in the world.

At 23 years of age Bale can only improve, which is a scary prospect for all of those who will be facing him week after week. He started badly for Spurs and was even considered as a 'bad luck charm' as Tottenham lost every game he played for a long period of time. Now it is the opposite and everything he touches seemingly turns to gold. The talented winger has scored some brilliant goals, hit match-winning goals, had many stunning performances and had several brilliant breath-taking runs.

Who wants to sign him?
Almost every big team! There aren't many teams that Gareth Bale wouldn't walk in to. With clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid supposedly after the star it doesn't appear that Bale will remain a Spurs player for too long. The fee would be roughly £50m and at this moment would be justified given his recent form.

The Welsh international star has had many Premier League fans wishing he was English. He began to take the world by storm against Inter Milan with his stunning hat-trick in 2010 and has had a 2012-13 to remember as he has scored a large portion of his teams goals. Luis Suarez and Robin Van Persie have also had excellent seasons in the Premier League, but Gareth Bale has done nearly the same damage from a midfield position, which is impressive considering these two rivals are strikers.

Can Bale match the standard of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo?
At this moment in time Gareth Bale is nowhere near as good as this duo, but he is on his way and seemingly has all the correct tools to be mentioned alongside those two some day. Messi and Ronaldo have performed at Bale's current level for many years and the highest of levels. Bale has shown glimpses of potential that could match the worlds best, but he needs to possibly move to a bigger club and perform at a similar standard for a much longer period of time.

Whatever happens in Bale's near future it seems that he will remain one of footballs most wanted players. Bale will have to avoid getting any serious injuries, which he struggled to do in the early stages of his career. He will also most certainly have to put a stop to his in-game diving, which is one of the most hated forms of cheating in the game. Other than these minor problems it appears the sky is the limit for the talented Welshman


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