Thursday, January 31, 2013

Can Liverpool's Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge form a unique striking partnership?

Liverpool's new signing Daniel Sturridge has already impressed many and his partnership with Luis Suarez looks like the beginning of something special. Sturridge has been claiming for years he is best when used as an out and out striker and he has got his wish since moving to Liverpool. Finally after a few years of moaning, Liverpool have a strike-partner for their top player Suarez.

Sturridge has claimed he is loving life at Liverpool a few times already and it's shown on the pitch as he has bagged a few goals in his few appearances so far. At Manchester City and Chelsea everybody realized he had great potential, but now we are all seeing it first-hand and you cannot help but believe he is going to be a big success for the club.

How can the Suarez and Sturridge partnership benefit Liverpool?

  • Liverpool now have more striking options
  • The pressure will be shared between the two
  • Between the duo they have pace, strength and goal-scoring abilities.
Liverpool still have an outside chance of finishing fourth, and gaining the their ultimate goal of qualifying for the UEFA Champion's League competition. But it looks good for Liverpool as since the duo have been working up-front together they have played very well in a tough run of games, scored goals and shown glimpses of great footballing combinations.

Can the duo help Liverpool make a push for success?

Yes they can! Many criticized the signing of Daniel Sturridge, but they will now realize why Liverpool have brought the England international in to the club. This signing fits in to their budget, gives them more attacking strength and improves the team in many ways so it would seem like Liverpool can only achieve more having both of these talents, rather than Suarez on his own. Injuries and bans are always a worry for Luis Suarez and now with Sturridge it seems the club can breathe easier knowing they have a very good option if Suarez is ever absent.

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